• At SANLO, we have various control procedures that guarantee the robustness and reliability of all our parts

  • Most of our metal components are intended for vehicles’ exhaust pipes, although we also manufacture parts for the ISOFIX, rear-view mirrors, handbrake levers, dashboard, doors, boots, etc.


Although QUALITY is what makes the difference in the manufacture of metal components for the automotive industry. It is also true that PRICE is usually the first barrier to overcome to interest a new client. We know from experience. However, we have also learned that if you attract a client by offering a low price but sacrificing, in part, the quality of the product, such client will not make a further purchase.

That is why, at SANLO, we have always been committed to offering products of the highest quality at competitive prices. This great quality-price-ratio, together with our flexibility and adaptability to any requirement and/or last-minute change in production, has made it possible for us to become one of the leading manufacturers of metal components for the automotive industry in Spain.

In order to guarantee the quality of our metal components, at SANLO we have established different control procedures. We are thorough, and we do what is necessary to comply with the tolerance levels required by our clients. Although there are different alternatives, the usual procedure is to use checking fixtures to verify the parts. This can be done for all parts or for a certain quantity every hour. And we also have a three-dimensional machine for their exact measurement.


At SANLO, we manufacture metal components in different materials (tube, sheet and rod) through techniques such as cutting, forming, bending, stamping and welding. Most of our parts for the automotive industry are intended for vehicles’ exhaust pipes, although we also manufacture parts for the ISOFIX (fastening system), rear-view mirrors, handbrake levers, dashboards, doors, boots, etc.

As it is the trend in the automotive sector, we work in large series. However, we are also prepared to deal with prototypes or short series on a case-by-case basis.


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