• In SANLO we have the latest CNC machines for both tube (up to 32 mm in diameter) and wire (up to 14 mm)

  • One of our latest projects has been a handbrake lever with a very strict bending tolerance


The bending process is present in 99% of the automotive metal components that we manufacture in SANLO. It is, logically, what our customers ask us the most when they need pipe or rod parts for the vehicle exhaust system, for the handbrake, seat belts, rearview mirrors, doors, luggage racks, etc. . It is the culmination of the most elementary processes of cutting and end-forming.

The tube and wire bending consists on subjecting these metal parts -stainless steel, carbon, aluminized or galvanized- to a plastic deformation. Metal, like plastic, can acquire multiple forms. You just have to generate the right energy and avoid that harmful side effects in the process such as tensions.

At SANLO, we ask the customers for the drawings and other indications of the piece -geometry, bending tolerance, etc.- to analyze everything and know whether or not we have the technical means to obtain the required bending. And in the case that we DO have them, what happens in most of the occasions, we always make a proposal of adjusted price taking into account the quality of the work: in addition to using first class materials, we apply different control procedures that guarantee the robustness and reliability of the pieces.


This is how we have earned the trust of leading national and foreign companies in the manufacture of automotive systems and modules.


In our facilities we have latest generation CNC bending machines for both tube (up to 32 mm) and wire (up to 14 mm). In addition to providing a precise and durable final product with the requirements set by the customers, these bending machines guarantee high productivity, much higher than other machines with some manual systems, and also allow an agile change of the tools so that the production is not practically affected.

Throughout our 50-year career (40 of them in the automotive sector), in SANLO we have not closed to almost anything. Therefore, if a customer needs to bend tubes or wire with diameters greater than 32 mm and 14 mm, respectively, we are willing to evaluate the acquisition of new machinery as long as the project is beneficial and useful for both parties.

One of our last jobs in tube bending has been a handbrake lever with a very strict bending tolerance and with large radius. To overcome this obstacle we used a tool that allowed us to perform a generation bending, more delicate than what we usually do. It had to be a very precise bending, since the piece had two holes whose position was fundamental.


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