• After 40 years in the automotive sector and more than 50 years of experience, in SANLO we have been refining and optimising all our manufacturing processes to offer customers low order costs without affecting the quality of products


‘Experience is not what happens to you, but what you do with what happens to you.


This quote is by the writer Aldous Huxley and in SANLO we agree 100%. Because that experience, in other words, what we have done with everything that has happened to us over the last 50 years, has enabled us to become one of the leading suppliers of metal components for the automotive industry, a demanding sector with fierce competition.


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What have we done with everything that has happened to us in the last half century?


In addition to gaining in-depth knowledge of our products, in SANLO we have been refining and optimising the organisation of each and every manufacturing process, constantly seeking to improve even the smallest details, so that we can offer our customers low order costs without the quality of the products being affected.

Our origins in the home appliance industry, in the 1960s, are a long way off. The emergence of plastic at the expense of metal in electrical appliances pushed us to change course. We focused on the automotive industry because there were many plants in the automotive industry close to our own ; because the production series of these manufacturers were longer, which is always a guarantee for the supplier; and also because customer relations, as long as the work is well done, were more consistent.

Then we learned that, in such changing industrial environments, companies that do not have the capacity to react and adapt are doomed to extinction. In fact, the average life span of companies in Spain barely reaches 12 years, according to different studies, so as only 1.25 % were created before 1975. Being part of this last select group is a clear indication that we are doing things very well.

We have been supplying metal components for the automotive industry in different materials (tube, sheet and rod) using techniques such as cutting, shaping, bending, stamping and welding for more than 40 years. And hopefully we can keep doing it for at least another 40 years.

We have an exciting future ahead and full of challenges that we face overflowing with optimism and with the confidence given by our past experience, everything we have already done with what has happened to us.


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