• At SANLO we have a great ability to respond and adapt to the productive needs of our clients

  • That’s how we resolved a ”crisis” with an engine manufacturer this summer: Within a month, we were able to manufacture for them parts that were initially scheduled to take half a year


Spain is the second country in Europe in car manufacturing volume (only behind Germany) and the 8th in the world, according to ICEX data. All the leading automotive brands are established in our country, and last year they manufactured nearly 3 million vehicles (commercial and passenger cars), and over 80% of them were exported. It is estimated that there are approximately 1,000 metal component and equipment manufacturers in Spain that supply this powerful industry. SANLO is among them.


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The question is: In a very competitive sector such as the automotive industry, with an abundance of urgent orders and constant stock-outs, what would you say is the recipe to stand out and become a successful, reliable, and trustworthy supplier?

After almost 40 years manufacturing metal components using different materials (pipes, sheets, and rods) through techniques such as cutting, forming, bending, stamping, and welding, at SANLO we get it: The secret lies in flexibility.

The key is to be an agile company in terms of client services, to have the ability to adapt to any given requirement and/or last-minute change in production, avoiding the cumbersome ‘bureaucratic’ procedures that in many companies interfere with the transmission of information to the people in charge, wasting precious time in the process.

Being flexible is how recently we were able to successfully resolve a ‘crisis’ caused by one of our clients, an engine manufacturer. This company was forced to suddenly alter all its projections, affecting its suppliers, including second-tier vendors. And to make matters even more challenging, this happened in July, a critical month due to the holidays.

Nevertheless, the responsiveness and availability that we have forge over decades at SANLO enabled us to adapt to the new demands and, within only one month, we were able to produce the parts that were initially scheduled to take half a year. We changed the planning, procured the necessary materials, and delivered as required by our client.


It was that easy. Or that difficult, depending on how you look at it.


At SANLO we adapt fast, very fast. We have the capacity to make changes in planning involving not only changes on machines or tooling, but also on our entire organisational and task management system. Flexibility is one of our great competitive virtues, largely the result of the exceptional human resources we have.


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